As a strategy-driven marketing and communications professional, everything I do has a creative thought process behind it that is firmly grounded in achieving objectives. I don't believe in creative development that is purely creative without regard for the expected end result. I also don't believe that strategic creative can't be ground-breaking, award-winning, riveting and otherwise creatively superior.

Creative developed without the needs of the client, internal or external, is an exercise in hubris in which I never engage. For that reason, the samples on this site are generally offered as "case studies", complete with strategic goals, thought process based on combined unique selling propositions and unique conceptual positioning. And of course, results. In addition to an affinity for the synergy between marketing strategy and creative execution, a defining characteristic of this collection of sample work is the tremendous breadth and depth of product categories, audiences and strategic challenges. Understanding the product or message and its relationship to the consumer is the key that transcends categories.

My copy background includes:

  • Catalogs
  • Mailings
  • Print Ads
  • Web Strategy and Content
  • E-mail Programs
  • Radio
  • Television long and short format
  • Collateral
  • Magazine Articles
  • Books
  • PR Packets
  • Retail POP
  • Packaging
  • Concepts

Although I have held positions as Creative Director, Marketing Director, Copy Director and Copywriter, all of the samples included here, with the exception of Doubleday catalogs, are those for which I was the sole copywriter. Even when promoted into positions providing direction and oversight, I have always been the most senior and proficient copywriter, expected to write in addition to my other duties, particularly those projects requiring a high degree of conceptualization and imagination, or executive proxy. The Franklin Mint and Frontgate are prime examples. At Doubleday, my responsibilities were too extensive to assume personal writing projects, and had little differentiation in terms of importance. I generally wrote the covers and also wrote the loyalty/continuity program which was signed by the CEO. When supervising a staff, it has always been important to me to understand the process and to be a hands-on coach when necessary. I don't believe one can successfully direct and supervise copy without being an excellent hands-on copywriter.

Print: A partial list of staff and consulting/freelance in both copywriting and copy direction and supervision includes the following. A large proportion of this work consisted of multi-channel synergistic project development.

  • Frontgate Lifestyle, spa, personal comfort, health, grooming, cooking, decorating and home maintenance products
  • Coldwater Creek Fashion, home decorative accessories
  • Noble Collection Licensed products, collectibles, jewelry, decorative accessories
  • 1928 Jewelry Company Jewelry
  • Spode & Royal Worcester Tableware, decorative accessories
  • Tyrol Household, decorative accessories, collectibles
  • Franklin Mint Collectibles, decorative accessories, jewelry, art
  • Safe&Dry Incontinence products
  • Blue Stuff Pain relief, health and wellness products
  • Doubleday (Bertelsmann) Books, videos, CD's
  • Paradise Galleries Dolls
  • Franklin Mint
  • Hamilton Collection Collectibles
  • See Clearly Method Supplements and eye exercise
  • Midwest Center for Depression Lucinda Bassett Program
  • GNC/BioPlan Customized supplements, exercise and wellness program
  • Nitrox Supplements, weight loss
  • Doubleday Book Clubs
  • Prevention Magazine
Web: I was instrumental in creating the first web-based book sales for Doubleday Book Clubs, and the partnership with Barnes and Noble. My biggest contributions consisted of strategic development of the site material and function, and the integrated print-to-web tags and content that helped convert a significant part of the paper-based membership to more profitable web-based promotion and transaction. For Interactive Marketing Ventures, I was responsible for format and user-friendly navigation strategies, as well as content. For Blue Stuff, a hugely successful infomercial brand, I created the content and strategies which resulted in a $1 million per month ancillary web business to the company's infomercials. At Frontgate, I provided compelling copy strategies to a minimal in-house staff. As part of my multi-channel experience, I have supplied web consulting to clients in synergy with their print, mail and broadcast campaign strategies.

Broadcast Media: I have radio and television experience, both writing and producing. I have also scripted call center inbound and outbound for broadcast fulfillment. The products I have worked on are well-known household and exercise blockbusters such as the Jack LaLanne Juicer, and the AbRoller Plus. I have personally written and produced a half-dozen infomercials and dozens of short-form ads, and learned hands-on audio/video editing in the Avid program.
Radio experience includes an array of health and wellness brands, including Nicholas Perricone and Atkins.

Collateral: In the soup-to-nuts, world of print and broadcast product direct marketing, I also created the manuals accompanying fitness, kitchen, health and beauty and other products, including diet plans, workout routines and recipe books. For one product, I wrote a book containing chapters on all U.S. presidents.

Continuity Marketing: I have created the overall strategies and written all the materials for loyalty and continuity programs for a broad array of products, including vitamin supplements, health and beauty products, books and collectibles.

Licensing: Among the license relationships I have worked with are:Harley Davidson, Princess Grace Foundation, The Red Cross, The Palace Museum in Beijing, The Cairo Museum, The Metropolitan Museum, Newline Cinema, Disney, Coca Cola, The Vatican and many other cultural, pop cultural, celebrity and historic personalities and institutions.

Technical Proficiencies: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Quark Express, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Avid, Dreamweaver.